Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

I have been playing amnesia a machine for pigs for two days now, and here is what I think so far. The game is okay so far, but there are something I don’t like. The lantern never runs out of oil anymore, insanity is gone along with the inventory, making the game easier than the dark descent. I do however like that it makes references to the dark decent, as it is revealed Alexander of Brennenburg is the main character’s great uncle, and the main character receives something from Alexander he states he “could smell the orb”. So to sum up, so far the game is decent but not great and I am wondering if there are further references to the dark descent perhaps even a connection between the story-lines of the two amnesias.

Amnesia: A machine for pigs - pre-order + 20% discount.

It has been a while since I posted on here, but I have some very good news to share. 

Amnesia: A machine for pigs can be pre-odered on steam with a 20% discount! I have just pre-odered it, and I can’t wait for it to be releases. It will be released on September 10th. Below will be a like to the game on steam to pre-order this new epic amnesia game. 

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Death Note Light Yagami Dies (by omnaeon)

I have always been like this. 

I have always been like this. 

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Hello? Hell…o?

The next I have begun to play is called Hello? Hell…o? Like most games I play, this is another rpg maker horror game, with lots of jump scares. This game has been created by Ryuuichi Tachibana, and translated by vgperson. People have told me this is supposed to be really good, and so far I think I agree, however I have only just begun to play. on an unrelated note, I am looking for some good Amnesia custom stories, in you know any good ones please send me a pm. 


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